Top 3 Poker Chip Sets


Sometimes your weekly poker game at home can feel a bit missing. This, in turn, can cause the game to lose some of its wow factor and make it less interesting and exciting for everyone involved. Well, one of the reasons why this could happen is because it does not really feel like the real deal.

Before you book your flight to Las Vegas, you simply know that you can create a casino-like environment at home. And you do not even need neon signs and slot machines. However, what you should consider investing in is a good set of poker chips.

The more liveable your chips are, the better the game looks – and feels. You will really feel that you are sitting around a casino table, where the stakes are much higher if you get the right poker chips. Here are some of the best the market has to offer:

Cardinal Industries Poker set in aluminum case

Take this poker set to every event. Ante up with Cardinal 200-piece dual-toned poker chips. This high quality set includes a deck of poker cards, a dealer chip and 200 poker chips. All in a stylish and robust aluminum housing. The value of the cardinal for the money you pay is rated very high by the users of this poker set.
Cardinal is a great gift to give to any poker enthusiast. You will want to try this cardinal poker set. This set is great for a medium sized game. You can invite up to six people for the game. Due to small parts there is a possible suffocation danger please keep a-reach of children under three years.

Da Vinci Poker Chip Set

With poker chips, the actual structure of each one is very important. This is because poker chips should be stacked and pushed forward. So you need chips that are almost flat, so you can place one over the other without them falling over. These poker chips are so well built that you can even push them forward if you pile up and do not let them overturn. There are also markings on the edges, which makes it much easier to count all your chips when they are in a pile.

It’s easy to say right away that these chips are of good quality. Their weight feels great and the chips are made of clay composite. This brings you as close as possible to authentic casino chips. It also gives you that satisfying sound when you flip your chips. One thing is for sure – these are some stylish and unique-looking chips that are perfect for a statement. It also comes in a handy and professional-looking case, so you can easily cart it around.

JP Commerce Monte Carlo Clay Poker Chips Set

Sure, metal and plastic can take longer, but there’s nothing like holding clay chips in your hand. The unique feel and sound of these chips will instantly transport you to a true casino scenario. This is exactly what makes this JP Commerce poker chip set pretty much fun to have. At 13.5 grams, these chips are a bit heavier than the chips offered with most other sets. This makes playing nick marchington on the transition with these chips an even more realistic experience for everyone involved.

There are 500 chips in the case, which is great if you want to host a game with a larger number of players. You should be able to invite up to six people and still have plenty of chips to go online gambling. The whole case looks very professional too. The case is a hard shell with a soft sponge lining. You can be sure that your chips will be well protected while staying inside. That’s very important, considering how well they are made. See Best Poker Chip Sets for more info.