Where can I organize or play poker?

Outside a casino, you can organize poker games and play poker in many different settings. The rules vary, however, depending on where you play.

Poker at home

Playing poker in your own home, between friends and on a non-commercial basis is legal. However:

  • the rest of the participants must be your legitimate guests or friends
  • You can not invite members of the public to join
  • You can not require people to pay a fee separate from the bet to participate.

There is no limit to the stakes and prizes when playing poker at home

Poker at work?

You can organize poker games or play poker at work, as long as

  • there is no fee for participation (without assignments)
  • the public has no access to the venue.

There are no limits to the stakes you can play or the prizes you can win if you play poker while working with colleagues.

Poker for Charity

You do not need a license, license, or any other form of permission to play so-called non-commercial acquisitions, such as a poker night organized to raise funds for charity. The players have to be told what good cause is to profit from the winnings of the game. Under-16s are not allowed to participate.

For all games played at any event, the total amount or value of the prizes and awards awarded for these games may not exceed $ 600. If a series of events is held, the amount or value of the prizes and prizes distributed for these games may not exceed $ 900.

Regardless of how many games you want to play or in which a competitor expects to play, you may not make more than one payment (whether entry or participation fee, wager or other fee or a combination of these fees), and this payment may be $ 8 do not exceed.

Poker in Casinos

In the UK, you can play poker in casinos licensed by the Gambling Commission. However, playing poker as a casino game could mean that you have lower odds than playing poker as a game of the same chance. (Equal chance gambling does not involve gambling or staking money against a bank (or dealer) and odds are equally favorable to all players)

Casinos may also conduct poker tournaments at temporary venues for a limited period of time under Temporary Use Notices (TUNs).

Online Poker

Poker can be played online with unlimited stakes. Before you start playing, make sure you know some basic details about the company. For example, where are they licensed and how can you contact them? You may need this if you have any questions about its gambling products before deciding if you want to play. There should be clear information on how to file a complaint against the gaming company and how your complaint will be handled. In the event that you file a complaint and are not satisfied with the outcome, it should be clear what further steps you can take. The operators authorized by the Commission must ensure that a complaint is forwarded to an independent body if you are not satisfied with their treatment. The Commission oversees companies to ensure that complaints are handled appropriately and looks for trends that indicate where licensees may not be doing what they should. Safe places to play online poker.

Poker in a pub (Public House)

You can organize poker games and play poker in a pub. However, there are strict conditions for each game including limits on wagers and prizes. Approval authorities may take action against persons whose premises do not comply with these conditions. Poker can be played in pubs, but there are limits to the stakes and prizes that can be played.

Bets and prizes

There is a maximum value for both the amount that can be placed and the price that can be offered when playing poker in a pub.

The maximum bet per player is £ 5 per game, and the combined bets for your venue should not exceed £ 100 per day.

The maximum price is £ 100 per game. This maximum includes money, benefits in kind, coupons, goods, donated items, goodybags, buy-ins at other poker tournaments and other items that have value.

In addition, you can not charge a participation fee. For example, by having subscribers pay a mandatory fee for a meal.

Poker in a Club (Private Members Club)

Poker can be played in clubs as long as it takes into account the conditions that apply to club games, including limits on stakes and prizes.

The maximum bet per player is £ 10 per game, and the combined bets on your premises must not exceed £ 250 per day and $ 1,000 per week.

The maximum price is $ 250 per game.

A maximum registration fee of $ 1 per person per day may be charged by a club with or without club auto. 

Private Cash Poker

Private cash poker (as opposed to tournaments) is allowed, but gaming is private only when it takes place in a place that is not open to the public (usually a private apartment, hostel, Residnece hall or similar). For participation in private games (and this includes an entrance fee or any other entry fee) no fee may be charged) nor may amounts of stakes or prizes be deducted. Regardless of how the organizer intends to use these winnings, no winnings from private games can be earned.

Private games may take place in business premises when a club is looking for a room. For example, in a pub or hotel for a private event in which only gambling is played with the same chance. However, the organizers would have to carefully review the arrangements made to ensure that the particular area of ​​the pub, hotel or other place where gambling takes place is, on the occasion of the private function, not a place where the public has access and the participants are not selected through a process, which means that they are indeed members of the public and not members of the club. The law in this area is complex and organizers are strongly advised to seek legal advice before organizing such events.