Is Online Poker Better Than The Real Thing?

There is something about poker that gets the blood race. The excitement of the game, the hustle and bustle of the casino, the sound of the chips that click as you count your stack; All this combined to create one of the most popular games in the UK. But what if the casino is not quite your scene? Maybe there are none in your local area, or maybe you just do not think it’s worth all dressed up for a night just to play a few hands of poker?

Well, if you feel that way, you’re not the first one to think like that. People are flocking to the online version of the game. According to the UK Gambling Commission, the remote industry that provides online betting, bingo and casino games such as poker has a market share of 38.8%. This is a phenomenal piece of cake and so today we ask the question: is online poker better than the real thing? Because according to these statistics, it seems that many people feel that it is so.

What Is Online Poker?

First of all, let’s be clear on one thing – online poker is very different than virtual reality casinos. Playing the game does not require expensive technology other than your smartphone, tablet or computer. You join the platform as a member, deposit some cash, take a seat in an online poker room and start playing. Simple, right?

Of course, there is a little more than that, but overall online poker is quite easy to take. But if we’re to decide if it’s better than the live game, then we really need to take a closer look at what’s so great about online poker.

The Benefits Of Online Poker

It is ideal for beginners

Imagine sitting in a casino after never having played poker. Quite beautiful the scary view, right? What if your first game were in a more relaxed and controlled environment, such as your living room? You would feel much more confident about playing your first hand.

And that’s why online poker is so great for beginners. Often, these platforms have step-by-step tutorials that guide you through the basics of the game. Once you feel comfortable with the rules and your strategy, you can then begin to play confidently in the knowledge that no one is physically watching your every move.

Another of the most attractive options of online poker for beginners is the opportunity to participate in free poker tournaments. This allows you to play a serious game without taking risks – something that should appeal to any beginner!

It’s good for your wallet

If you’ve ever been to the casino, you know it can be an expensive night. You have to pay for your transport, make sure you have money for drinks, and there can be minimal buy-ins for games. That’s before we even mention the possibility of eating.

Online poker, however, is a very different cauldron of fish. You can play for really low stakes and only play a few hands at a time. The fact that you can play and play games when it fits your schedule means you have complete control over your budget. If you only want to spend a tenner in a session, then it is very easy to do so.

It is comfortable

We can only imagine what it looks like when you show up in your PJs at the Grosvenor. You probably would not make it to the end of your street before you realized what a big mistake you just made.

Play online though and you can wear what you want. Not only that, but, as we have already mentioned, you can play your choice at any time – in the morning, at noon and in the evening. If you feel the poker itch, you can just jump for a few hands and then back to what you planned for the day.

The fact that most poker providers now have mobile apps makes it even more convenient than ever. Long train ride, a night-long rest for your aunt – wherever you are, you can still play.

There is more game selection

Okay, now we come to the actual poker. In casinos, you can be limited to Texas Hold’em or Omaha hi-lo, which is perfectly fine if you are looking for it. But from time to time you want to mix things up a bit by playing another variation of the game or by varying the bets.

With online poker, your options are virtually limitless. The global nature of the online game is such that at any time, there is always a table to suit you somewhere, in terms of game variant and stakes. As I said, the choices are almost limitless.

So Is It Better Than Live Poker?

Well, that really depends on who asks the question. If you are a beginner poker player then yes, unibet uk poker online poker is absolutely better than the live game. It provides you with a more controlled environment to improve your skills while staying within your budget.

For more experienced players, it is a matter of circumstances and personal taste. While the online game is a more convenient option for those who live out of town, some online players in the uk experienced players may prefer the live casino environment where they get to box their wits against their opponents face to face.

In fact, we can not really make the call that one is better than the other, because both the live and online versions of poker go a lot for them. But we will say that – the statistics do not lie. The fact that the online poker industry is experiencing year after year growth and that the overall market share of remote gaming continues to increase suggests that people in the UK are taking online poker like ducks to water. And who should we argue? See Online Poker vs Live Poker difference here.