Join us to welcome the biggest bingo hall in town! It’s instantly available in the palm of your hand and can give you the opportunity to win up to $10,000 in minutes! Just use both of your phone numbers and your card numbers together to check if you’re a winner, and get ready to scream BINGO bonus!

Press the Print and Play Games button on the slot machine to request a $2 print-n-play bonus bingo ticket or speak to your raffle seller for a $2 bonus bingo ticket. No printable ticket, no selectable numbers and no waiting for a draw.
All your favorite extra features of the game, plus instant wins, are included in the print and play version.

Bonus Bingo is a form of online bingo that is played with bonus cards.

The player randomly selects a selection of letters and numbers from a numbered list and then calls out each combination, one letter or number at a time. Players use their bingo cards to cover the locations on the board that correspond to these combinations. Bonus Bingo works in almost the same way as regular Bingo.

You will receive a list of 25 phone numbers that you can use during the game. Once you’ve done this, go through your cards and mark them that match the caller’s phone numbers. You can play this game like you would a real bingo game, but it’s faster! It’s definitely the best thing about playing bingo bonus games, right? You can play whenever you want. This engaging pastime is easy to incorporate into your routine.

Use this guide to maximize your chances of winning a bonus at Bingo.

One of ten patterns will be generated on your card and you will win the prize corresponding to that pattern. Combining a straight line with another path is the simplest possible combination. Filling the frame of the card off-center is a challenge. In other words, you have to match combinations of 16 letters.

You can play the game alone or pit your friends against each other to see who gets a better card. In addition, you can buy various bonus bingo cards, such as an aunt, uncle or a favorite customer, and gift them to someone. The excitement of playing Bonus Bingo is so contagious you’ll want to tell everyone about it!

Where would you go to get a Bonus Bingo ticket?

Winning the lottery is no problem. Research an area near you that offers Virginia Lottery tickets to find a seller. You can find the Find a Reseller feature, which helps you find retailers who sell lottery games in your area. It is very easy to find and a lot of fun to play.

Another bonus option available is to purchase Virginia Lottery tickets and then receive a bonus from a bingo slot machine. Gamers are thrilled with the recent introduction of our slot machines, which are simple, efficient storage options for their favorite games.

In the bonus bingo game, the prize is a cash prize.

If the game becomes difficult to win, the reward is correspondingly greater. The first bingo prize is $2, which allows you to win one line, and there are rewards of up to $10,000 for each external frame. Willingness to Support Funding for K-12 Education When You Participate in Bonus Bingo All lottery games in Virginia benefit from public education support for youth throughout the community. When you play lotto games, you risk hundreds of millions of dollars on the internet casino that Lotto partners with schools to hand out money for training every year.