Best Poker Poker Table Tops 2019


While you can use a normal table for your weekly poker games, a poker table adds pizazz and class to this occasion. Poker tables vary in price and functionality. While tables like the BBO Poker Rockwell Poker Table double play as a beautiful dining table, other tables like Giantex Folded Blackjack Table can be folded for convenient storage.

Poker table tops are also good alternatives to actual poker tables when you are short of space or on a budget. You can place them over existing tables and turn them into a fully functioning poker table.

Factors to consider when buying a poker table or poker top

Frequency of poker games

If you want to play poker several times a week or every day, you can get a permanent solid wood poker table like the Rockwell Poker Table. However, if you only happen to frequent outfits, a tabletop like the Trademark Poker Table Top will likely meet your needs.

Number of players

Most home poker tables can hold between six and ten people. If you want to host a game with many players, then you need a large table. Tables can have cup holders and chip cups for nick marchington on the transition players. It will be unfair if you have ten players and only have eight cup holders and poker chip trays.

Table type and quality

As with everything, quality usually correlates with price. In general, a spreadsheet that costs more than $ 3,000 will be much better quality than a spreadsheet that costs less than $ 200. Expensive tables are professional-looking and the playing surface does not fade and does not wear as fast as the low-cost tables 3 Poker Chip Sets. Low-cost tables usually have steel frames and MDF table tops, while tables that are more expensive are built from solid wood such as mahogany or oak.

Should I get a poker top?

The answer to this question ultimately comes down to your preferences and how much space you have. In general, poker table tops are lower quality but super easy to store. Poker table tops are for the most part cheaper than real poker tables as well.

Conversely, being full on poker tables are probably more expensive and are really pieces of furniture. If you’ve devoted a little more of a budget and room for card games in your game room, then a poker table is the way to go. See 5 Best Poker Table Tops of 2019 for more info.